EVERYDAYS03 ~march~


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PrinceGoatCheese thumbnail
PrinceGoatCheese Incredible work as always! Favorite track: almost.
daytonglitch thumbnail
daytonglitch best everyday selection yet Favorite track: success is a quiet place.
---------------------------- thumbnail
---------------------------- So far, this has been my favorite batch of everyday tracks. Weirdly, I feel these albums have a very natural flow to them, I guess that's what happens when you line tracks up in this way, it's fascinating! Favorite track: success is a quiet place.
Bürgus thumbnail
Bürgus I especially love this album because it released exactly on my birthday, and it happens to have a selection of incredibly refreshing tunes from my favorite Halley Labs aliases! It's all there, Darius, RQ, K² and Aurastys — almost as if I handpicked these tracks to my own definition of perfection. Thanks, Emma.
SPENCER💿⚡️ thumbnail
SPENCER💿⚡️ ALL OF THESE SONGS ARE SO INCREDIBLY AMAZING AND IM ADDICTED!!! AN AMAZING MIX OF NOISY TUNES & CHILL TUNES !!! It’s hard to pick a favorite track because I absolutely love focal point, 3 layers and success is a quiet place !! Favorite track: focal point.
kryvian thumbnail
kryvian Colorful collection of songs


NOTE: "lyrics" fields contain little blurbs about each track.

be sure to read the intro to the EVERYDAYS project on the january upload if you haven't! you can find it here: lapfox.bandcamp.com/album/everydays-january

while i missed a few days this month (sleep issues, i became ill, and the ongoing covid-19 event throwing me for a major loop), i'm really happy with what's here.

as always, thanks for checking out this month's offerings ♥

you can find some "goodies" (tracker files, NSFs, VST patches, etc) from the everydays project here: heckscaper.com/everydays/goodies/


released March 31, 2020


all rights reserved



HALLEY LABS Hamilton, Ontario

i'm emma.

i create the headphone music i want to hear. if you like interesting sonic spaces, textures, and coherence in chaos, i think you'll also like it.

HALLEY LABS is only one person (even if it might not immediately look that way) so it may take me a bit to return emails. thanks so much ♥
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Track Name: Darius - almost
loopy piano (addictive keys modern upright) polyrhythms & guitar rig. i quite like the atmosphere going on here.
Track Name: RQ laji-2 - 3 layers
i think i'll lay on the floor
for a while and lock my door
to crumple up and lose my sight
just for a while
just for a while

looking at photos of me
or maybe not, it just seems to be
are you still you when you're 3 layers of fucked
just for a while
just for a while
Track Name: The Queenstons - to quit
if i give up
please don't give up
i need that
if i give up
please do your best
i feel that

it's not goodbye
not see you soon
it's just goodnight
because i'm weak
Track Name: RQ laji-2 - success is a quiet place
hey you with the look on your face
what's it gonna be today
hey you with the big idea
whatcha got to say

do you have the guts
do you have the blood
do you have the spirit
or is it raining again

i could fall apart
i could break in two
in a quiet place
that's what i could do
Track Name: K² - ball
the previous few days were pretty dreary - needed to lighten the mood with some very kirby chipmusic.
Track Name: K² - rave on
a cover of the tune of the same name from the killer7 soundtrack by Masafumi Takada. decided to use the VRC6 expansion as well for this one to give it some extra oomph.
Track Name: Darius - remnant psyche
riding the killer7 vibes a bit more - i've been replaying it for the millionth time and wanted to capture some of the energy i get from it. not necessarily in the style of the soundtrack or anything, but definitely takes cues from its sound design.
Track Name: Darius - solve for
keeping those SUDA/Takada vibes going with a piece inspired by the soundtrack for The Silver Case. corny rompler lounge care of the korg legacy M1 software.
Track Name: deuteronomy + RQ laji-2 - milky way dub
i really like the synths in this, which are stacks of the korg volca kick, bass, keys, and the td-3 being played in unison before being put through some delay and reverb. i love how the lead seems to have many 'stages' to it as a result of being so many different pieces of hardware layered together. the opening sounds are the ipad app "mononoke" recorded to a series of half and quarter speed tape loops across two cassette mixers.
Track Name: deuteronomy + Darius - 1000fps
from the same recording session as the previous track. i had set out to do a bunch of tape-to-tape dubbing to slow recorded sounds to 1/4 and degrade them more (as well as having a total of 10 available tape tracks), but "milky way dub" just wound up becoming fun - which is fine, but i still wanted to do the tape thing! so i did. the tape loops were created using korg's iM1 (rompler patches like that just work really well slowed down on tape) and the two synth lines on top are korg ODYSSEi and bram bos ripplemaker.
Track Name: RQ laji-2 + Mayhem - focal point
messing around with bringing what would normally be laji-2-ish live, unquantized synth lines and vocoder riffs to something more ravey. saw is volca keys, weird twangy left/right panned synth is volca kick, bass is td-3, vocoder is korg gadget as the carrier through ehx voicebox.
Track Name: Darius - garamond
all sounds minus percussion are arturia microbrute + effect pedals. i didn't anticipate wanting to add percussion so the synth lines weren't recorded to a click track and the percussion was sequenced after the fact to an approximate bpm of the recordings, so it's a little off-kilter.
Track Name: deuteronomy - all is well
pedals, feedback, macintalk, vocoder, goldwave. adapted from Henry Scott-Holland's text "Death Is Nothing At All"

death is nothing at all
i have only slipped into the next room
i am i and you are you
whatever we were to each other, that we are still
call me by my old familiar name
speak to me in the easy way which you always used
put no difference in your tone,
wear no forced air of solemnity or sorrow
laugh as we always laughed at the little jokes we enjoyed together
play, smile, think of me, pray for me
let my name be ever the household word that it always was,
let it be spoken without effect, without the trace of shadow on it
life means all that it ever meant
it is the same as it ever was, there is unbroken continuity
why should i be out of mind because i am out of sight
i am waiting for you, for an interval, somewhere very near,
just around the corner
all is well.
Track Name: Darius - hey eco
true STG spirit. some serious Yasuhisa Watanabe inspiration going on here, especially in the bass department. lots of tailspins and stalls in the melody here, i really like the path it takes.
Track Name: Darius - ivory rivers
i started this out with something moodier in mind but it got more and more "chase scene" as it went. the main synth line turned out fun, if sometimes tropey. really been on a rompler kick, this is korg legacy M1 and wavestation.
Track Name: Azrael-II - xolotl
my hardcore/gabber isn't usually this unabashedly industrial, but this was a blast.
Track Name: K² + Darius - missing everything
synth1 only. cute ditty with a bit of a longing about it.
Track Name: Aurastys - brood
all synth1. many random elements on all patches except the bass tone, including randomized tuning (not just up/down, the entire tuning system on the main arp patch is constantly randomized based on the second oscillator's frequency), so if you play the mptm file back in openMPT (see goodies in notes section below) your playback will be a bit different.
Track Name: deuteronomy - warning
Track Name: deuteronomy - cathode
CRT tv, wire taped to hand, pedals
Track Name: Darius - velveteen
took a few days off since the last entry to get my head on straight. taking it easy dipping back in with some laid-back rompler stuff. not having to worry so much about making sounds is always nice.
Track Name: deuteronomy + Darius - errors in the name of the moment
selected segments of a 1 hour 20 minute long live improv session.